I am committed to serving my clients’ highest good.

I help my clients transform their lives through my individualized, Personal Brain Empowerment Sessions for Transformation (B.E.S.T.) and Spiritual Pathways Programs. For the past 10 years I have gone through my own personal transformation because of the individualized and effective techniques from Brain Gym® and Formative Spirituality. My journey has helped me more fully and more deeply understand what my clients are going through. It also enables me to more accurately identify my clients’ unique challenges and strengths. My goal is to empower my clients to discover their own intuition and apply what they learn so they can continue deepen their relationship with God while realizing their dreams according to their own unique life calling.


Education and Training

Christa enjoys a richly diverse background in the fields of Brain Gym®, Formative Spirituality, and education.

Christa has been working with Brain Gym® for 6 years and has enjoyed the privilege learning from top Brain Gym® faculty members, Carol Ann Erickson, Don Wetsel, Lisa Marcovici, and Brain Gym® founder,

Paul Dennison. Christa continues to take Brain Gym® courses to improve her knowledge and skills of this great body of work in order to support clients, as well as for her own personal development.

For the past 8 years Christa has been studying Formative Spirituality under the direction of well-regarded spiritual director, Sr. Paul Teresa Hennesey. Christa's formal training and studies were completed under the instruction of Dr. Susan A. Muto, co-founder and Executive Director of the Academy of Formative Spirituality.

Prior to studying Brain Gym® and Formative Spirituality, Christa earned her MS in Education. She is a tenured teacher for the NYC Department of Education and for the last 11 years she has worked under the tutelage of NYC DOE Executive Principal, Camille Wallin.

Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor

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