Spiritual Pathways Transformations

At the end of the Spiritual Pathways Program,
I like to ask participants, “For what are you grateful?” Here are some responses:
Participants also share why they would recommend the Spiritual Pathways Program
to others:

Eva N.

For this class and these people at this time - it has made a real and positive difference in my life. Thank you.

Misha W.

For all the unique people in the group. I felt connected and formed by them. I am grateful that I can see the good in everything that was being said (a huge difference from my usual criticism and negativity). Thank you!!

Bob M.

For the sharing of the participants. I'm grateful to the parish that hosted such a great program.

Karen R.

I am grateful for a clear message from God.

J. Gonzalez

It is unique and special. Brain Gym movements help us meditate on scripture with more depth. It has helped me to de-stress. I felt great after I left class and always looked forward to the next class

Angel J.

Feeling of trust/respect in each class. Small class size - everyone can speak. Small, practical things to do to improve your prayer life.

Liliana R.

If you need direction. Look within. This is the class for you. A place to reflect and learn about spirituality in the middle of the city!

Magdalena C.

Practical exercises to incorporate in your daily life.

One-hour of peace each week is worth it for yourself. 

Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor

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