Christa M. Gesztesi, M.Ed., is a licensed Educational Kinesiology Instructor and certified Spiritual Director. She educates and empowers people of faith through

a holistic program including:

  1. Private Brain Gym® Sessions

  2. Spiritual Direction

  3. Evenings of Reflection

  4. Retreats

For the past 9 years, Christa has been helping people of faith overcome the challenges of stress and anxiety through her private and group programs. In her programs, she teaches exercises and techniques from the practices of Brain Gym® and Formative Spirituality. These activities increase relaxation, enhance focus, and strengthen organization and communication skills. Clients experience less anxiety, clearer thinking, and greater self-confidence. By helping to restore balance and overall well-being, clients are more able to deepen their relationship with God and in turn live out the dreams of their own unique life calling while serving the greater good of the world.

Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor

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