My Journey

I chose to become a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor because it transformed my life – and continues to help me achieve new goals and realize new dreams. The Brain Gym® movements changed deep-seated habits and patterns which were negatively affecting my personal and professional life.

BEFORE My Personal Transformation with Brain Gym®, everything I did in every area of my life required an immense amount of effort and I would consistently get minimal results in return. This left me feeling very frustrated, sad, angry, and hopeless. I suffered from:

  •     anxiety and panic attacks

  •     stress and overwhelm

  •     physical tension and mood swings

  •     learning difficulties

AFTER My Personal Transformation with Brain Gym® life got much easier. In minutes of doing simple Brain Gym® movements, I would feel so relaxed and focused that I could get my work done in half the time.  I was so much calmer and less tense, that I felt happier and more confident. As I grew more to love myself, I felt more at ease with friends and family. Over all, Brain Gym® helped me feel more:

  •     calm and confident

  •     focused and productive

  •     happy and positive

  •     able to learn easily

Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor

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