Spiritual Pathways Transformations

Upon the completion of the 9-week program, I asked participants to please share how they felt before the program compared with how they felt after completing the program, and to add specifically how they felt the Holy Spirit was calling them to live their unique life calling.

Maria J.

BEFORE I was seeking a deeper, more constant connection with God. I suffered some betrayal, trauma and was very untrusting of why God would allow it.

AFTER My attitude and openness is certainly shifting for the better. Regarding money or changing career, I am asking how can I better serve and be the light of the world that God wants me to be. I am more patient, nicer, kinder to myself and others.

William G.

BEFORE I was anxious, tense, nervous about being unemployed and where was God leading and guiding. My prayer life was about pleading, asking God for help. I also got upset at God, but wanted to believe and trust God.

AFTER To live in the spirit of joy, hope, trust, belief/faith, and to share that with others and to infuse my attitude with them.  

Jenna K.

BEFORE Overwhelmed, tired and a little sad, disappointed in myself. Why do I struggle with seeing/knowing/doing God's will? Why do I find people to be challenging/aggravating?

AFTER To stop, pause and breathe. To trust that God is there - not just waiting, but running to meet me. I feel more awareness and openness to God's Word/Plan opening before me." 

Genevieve L.

BEFORE I felt I wasn't enough.

AFTER I feel I am to serve God's people and to trust everything will be okay.

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